Jim Link

President Idea-Link, Inc.

Jim Link started one of the world’s first idea companies in 1994. Since then, his ability to help others think creatively has attracted many of the world’s biggest corporations, including 3M, Cargill, General Mills, Nestlé, and General Electric. He’s spent a career testing his methods bringing new ideas and strategies to more than seventy companies across 160 different categories.

After twenty-six years in the idea-generation business, Link shares his proven, powerful, and elegantly simple approach to improving personal and team creativity.
Link is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan with an MBA in Marketing from Michigan State. He teaches marketing and creativity at 3M University.

Jim recently authored “Idea-Links: The New Creativity”, a book teaching skills to build creativity steadily over time. For more information on his award-winning book or to visit his company website please click on the links below.