Camine Pappas

Brand Therapist / Brand Imagery and Content Development

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Joining the team in 2010, Camine was specifically retained to manage and develop all master branding imagery and communications, and monitor the entire repertoire of brand essentials. She has played a key role in the strategic development and implementation of the International campaign ‘Fields for Hope,’ and most recently is involved with Schools for Hope as a content strategist and designer.

BACKGROUND: After exiting the corporate world in 2004 to start her own thriving branding, communications and design consulting firm, Camine put her comprehensive background in marketing and human behavior into play to leverage the success of her clients across the US. From small proprietary business, to large public companies, C and Company offers accessible solutions to clients who are looking for message clarity, emotional market share, and transparent operational cultures.

Winning several high industry awards for branding and design, and the creator of several proprietary sales training series targeted to break through traditional tiered selling modalities, C and Company offers the insight and expertise to help you connect with and achieve market and brand awareness in a personal and powerful way. Her global understanding of what it takes to craft and implement a comprehensive strategy has helped her clients grow in a market poised to embrace only those businesses who truly have solutions that matter.

Camine lives in South Carolina with her husband Ron, and enjoys reading and travel. She is an avid cook, writer and speaker on the subject of emotional branding and emotional market share. Connect with Camine.